Forest River Wolf Pack RVs

Designed with you in mind, Cherokee Wolfpack Toy Haulers balance generous cargo storage with impeccable interiors for ultimate on-the-road comfort. These innovative features are what has made them one of the best-selling toy hauler RVs in North America. Choose from flexible fifth wheel or travel trailer floor plans, with so many versatile options to choose from. Who know taking your toys along could be so convenient? This is a quality toy hauler that’s truly a joy to come home to. Not only can you get peace of mind knowing that the Cherokee Wolfpack Toy Hauler leads the industry in quality design, but when you partner with Lakeshore RV, you’re also partnering with the #1 Wolfpack dealer worldwide. That means you also get the best price and service for your new Wolfpack Toy Hauler- guaranteed. That’s why our customers have made us number one – our trusted service and reputation. Call 855-700-1665 for more info today!

Cherokee models available from our Michigan RV dealership include: T16B, T16P, T17B, T17RR, 26L, 27BH, 29U, 30DS, 30F, 30U+, 235B, 245B, 245L, 255S, 285B, 295U, 39BS, 39C, 39FL, 39H, 39KB, 39P, 17BH, 18RB, 19RR, 21RR, 22BH, 25BH, 25RB, 25RR, 26BH, 26RB, 26RL, 27BHKS, 28A+KS, 28BH, 28BHG, 28BHKS, 29BH, 29BHKS, 19WP,21WP, 23WP, 27WP, 215WP, 295WP, 305WP, 306WP, 376WP, and 396WP.